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GGCI Visiting Fellows

Every year, GGCI invites a distinguished guest from outside the university into our dialogue. Previous Visiting Fellows include Angela Glover Blackwell (2020), Gabriella Gomez-Mont (2019), and Prof. Philip Sheldrake (2018)

Exploring Narrative in Community-based Change

In this session, Angela Glover Blackwell reflected on her work advancing racial and economic equity in direct engagement with local communities across...

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Angela Glover Blackwell Named Visiting Fellow

The Georgetown Global Cities Initiative is honored to announce Angela Glover Blackwell as its third annual visiting fellow.

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Innovation from Within

An interview with Gabriella Gómez-Mont, this year's Georgetown Global Cities Initiative Visiting Fellow. With more than 20 million people in the...

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Gabriella Gomez Mont Named Visiting Fellow for 2019-2020

The Georgetown Global Cities Initiative has named Gabriella Gomez Mont as its second annual visiting fellow. Gomez Mont is the former Director of...

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Philip Sheldrake Named Inaugural Visiting Fellow

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