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Undergraduate and graduate students accomplish outstanding interdisciplinary scholarship in urban issues and pursue direct community engagement through Georgetown’s schools, departments, centers, programs and initiatives. The following offers insight into a few of those students and the projects, passions and service they bring to communities in D.C., the region and around the world. The Georgetown Global Cities Initiative welcomes all Georgetown programs with interests that intersect with our mission. To get involved, email

Lucas Kreuzer: German and European Studies, School of Foreign Service

I’m broadly interested in how regions, both urban and rural, recover from economic restructuring. This interest is informed through my service work in distressed neighborhoods in Philadelphia and attending college in Ohio and witnessing countless deindustrialized cities and towns. I’ve pursued this research through several internships and research projects.... Read more





Edidiong Obot: Policy Management, McCourt School of Public Policy

I am a proud first-generation Nigerian-American who impacts the community by connecting the dots in the community through cultural awareness, community advocacy, and policy engagement. As a proud alumna of Texas Southern University, I obtained a Bachelor of Science in Chemistry and a Master of Science in Environmental Toxicology. My career has taken several monumental shifts that not only expanded my own capabilities, but have given me room to evolve.... Read more




Jaibin Mathew: Science, Technology, and International Affairs, School of Foreign Service

Growing up in a car-centric suburb of Texas, I didn’t understand how my built environment shaped my life. Not only through where I lived or how I got places, but also in how I felt both mentally and physically. During my time at Georgetown, I realized my favorite part of learning about the world was hearing about the innovative ways cities were constructing their spaces... Read more




Georgina Wilson: Global Business, School of Foreign Service

As a student majoring in Global Business and minoring in Latin American studies, I am fascinated with the importance of finance and development within the sphere of climate change. I hope to use this opportunity to analyze the Latin American urban planning leading climate change mitigation efforts...Read more




Owen Posnett: Government and Economics, Georgetown College

I am a senior in the College of Arts and Sciences majoring in Government (with Honors) and Economics and minoring in Music. I have professional and academic experience in affordable housing and zoning policy, and I am particularly interested in the environmental effects of urban planning and zoning projects. Through my research and class work, I have studied urban policy on the district and national level, and I look forward to learning with a passionate cohort of socially engaged students... Read more




Agustina Mozzoni: Law, Georgetown Law Center

I am Agustina, from Argentina. I have dedicated my efforts to research and advocating for a healthier environment. My primary focus is on human rights, particularly the right to health and vulnerable groups. I strongly believe that there is much to be explored when considering the intersection of human rights and the way we inhabit our cities.... Read more




Daniela Gonzalez: Urban & Regional Planning, School of Continuing Studies

I am an Architect and Urban Planner candidate with an interest in the development of more resilient and equitable cities, especially in Latin America which is the region where I grew up. I am particularly interested in projects that make the city more accessible, especially for children, women, and vulnerable populations...Read more




Isabella Stratta: Business and Global Affairs, School of Foreign Service

While conducting research with Dr. Katie Wells on the working lives of instant delivery workers, I developed an interest in understanding how gig work shape urban areas in various ways. While gig work isn’t necessarily tied to the urban context, the largest volume of platform-based work and demand is carried out in urban areas... Read more




Spencer Duncan: Public Policy, McCourt School of Public Policy

I am interested in urban and environmental policy, particularly in how the built environments that we create can reduce and mitigate global warming, improve biodiversity, and lead to a more just and sustainable way of life for all people. Despite growing up in a relatively rural environment, I had early exposure to large cities, several of which have a global influence.. Read more




Cecil John: Data Science for Public Policy, McCourt School of Public Policy

I had spent my childhood between Saudi Arabia, where I was born and then completed the first half of my school life, and India, where the rest of my education and life unfurled. The similarities and contrasts in the way these societies have been organized have greatly influenced the way I view developmental choices and their impact on lives... Read more




Sooin Choi: Urban & Regional Planning, School of Continuing Studies

Throughout my life, I have been hopping around big cities like Seoul, Shanghai, and Doha. Being a migrant my whole life, I naturally became curious about the outsiders’ experience of the city. My undergraduate background is also in Culture and Politics at the School of Foreign Service, so I usually think about how cities are experienced from a community’s standpoint.... Read more




Priscilla Forde: Urban & Regional Planning, School of Continuing Studies

Within my worlds as a Bajan-American woman, an international development professional, and an emerging spatial justice practitioner, I am motivated by a simple belief: we have shared stake in each other’s wellbeing, healing, and liberation. As this interest involves both local and global intersections, my practice is dedicated to nurturing inclusive, healthy, and resilient communities and serving populations disenfranchised across social, economic, and environmental realms.... Read more




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