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Undergraduate and graduate students accomplish outstanding interdisciplinary scholarship in urban issues and pursue direct community engagement through Georgetown’s schools, departments, centers, programs and initiatives. The following offers insight into a few of those students and the projects, passions and service they bring to communities in D.C., the region and around the world. The Georgetown Global Cities Initiative welcomes all Georgetown programs with interests that intersect with our mission. To get involved, email

Sooin Choi: Urban & Regional Planning, School of Continuing Studies

Throughout my life, I have been hopping around big cities like Seoul, Shanghai, and Doha. Being a migrant my whole life, I naturally became curious about the outsiders’ experience of the city. My undergraduate background is also in Culture and Politics at the School of Foreign Service, so I usually think about how cities are experienced from a community’s standpoint.... Read more

Jakob Burnham: History, Graduate School of Arts & Sciences

Raised in Kentucky, I attended the University of Kentucky where I majored in International Relations and French Literature, Language and Culture. At the intersections of these two degree programs I found my passion for the history of French colonialism. After arrived at Georgetown, my interested further developed into an emphasis on the French Indian Ocean World of the early modern period... Read more

Amy Lieber: Public Policy, McCourt School of Public Policy

My first job after college, through the Avodah Service Corps, placed me at The DC Fiscal Policy Institute. “DCFPI” is a local think tank doing research and advocacy on progressive issues in the city, and it seemed like a good continuation of my interest in politics and social justice... Read more

Nicolás Quintero: International Development Policy, McCourt School of Public Policy

My experience working with public-private institutions at city level like Invest in Bogota, where I helped in the strengthening of the FDI strategy, while working on the consolidation of the smart specialization strategy, had shown me the importance of economic growth premises to create an environment that can cope with the needs of a growing population, the environmental challenges while potentially making cities more sustainable and resilient... Read more

Jack Gasdia: International Politics, School of Foreign Service

Jack Gasdia is a junior in Georgetown’s Walsh School of Foreign Service, where he studies International Politics, with a concentration in Foreign Policy and Policy Processes. Jack is also pursuing a Certificate in Diplomatic Studies, with a specific interest in conflict transformation... Read more

Nicolas Feder: International Political Economy, School of Foreign Service

Growing up between Houston and Buenos Aires was a fascinating way to experience the stark contrast between modes of living in major world metropolises. This instigated my interest in the difference in development between Argentina and the US, and as I dug deeper into this explanation, I focused heavily on the Presidential Election that happened my freshman year on the hilltop... Read more

Joshua Rosen: Data Science and Public Policy, McCourt School of Public Policy

My interest in urban policy is intrinsically connected to my upbringing. I grew up in the suburbs of Boston, in an area I now know to be explicitly designed for the exclusion of low-income residents. Since then, I have focused my education and research on understanding how both features of the built-environment and policy choices have resulted in this effect... Read more

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