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ABOUT THE Initiative


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The Georgetown Global Cities Initiative reaches across the entire University community to

explore cross-cutting themes related to urbanization. Through this dialogue, Georgetown aims to align more than 60 faculty scholars and practitioners engaged in urban research who are not otherwise linked through their traditional academic disciplines. The Initiative matches Georgetown's international research networks with our civic role as a leading local anchor institution in Washington, DC.  Research themes include social equity, rapid urbanization, city diplomacy; urban governance frameworks; social entrepreneurship; public health; technology, data and ethics; and changing environmental resources.  We invite you to join us in dialogue as we engage one of the most important global trends in the 21st Century. 



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Uwe Brandes, Faculty Director

Georgetown Global Cities Initiative

640 Massachusetts Avenue NW

Washington, D.C.  20001  USA


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The Georgetown Global Cities Initiative is proud to collaborate with the following external organizations: 

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