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Cities and the Pandemic

A pandemic is a global phenomenon, but its public health impacts are addressed locally. As cities have been recovering from COVID-19's impacts, the aftermath of the pandemic continues to reshape our labor market norms and public service needs. GGCI is part of the active discourse around cities and the pandemic.

Covid-19 Resources for Cities

Professor Rebecca Katz and the Center for Global Health Science & Security provide city leaders with the tools needed to prevent, detect, and respond...

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Responding to Covid-19 in Delhi

Prof. Rajesh Veeraraghavan's Urban Spatial Observatory generates actionable spatial data for Dehli's most challenged communities. This map of Delhi...

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Disease in Vulnerable Urban Geographies

In November 2017, Georgetown convened urban health experts from Ghana, Bangladesh and Burkina Faso to explore how non-communicable diseases shape the...

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Mayoral Leadership During the COVID-19 Pandemic

William Peduto, mayor of the City of Pittsburgh joined us to reflect on the challenges and opportunities that exist for local communities to respond...

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Faculty Affiliates on Global Health

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