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Streetscape in Nezu
Asian Cities and Urban Settlers

The Asian Cities and Urban Settlers (ACUS) project is an ongoing interdisciplinary collaboration to learn from the experience of people in marginal and spontaneously-built settlements. The objective is to place the oral accounts of settlers at the center of a comparative historical exploration of the vast, largely unplanned, and often legally ill-defined expansion of settlements that has come to dominate the urban process through large parts of Asia.

Asian Cities, Urban Settlers Collection Published in City & Society

After two workshops and two years of continued engagement supported by the Georgetown Global Cities Initiative, five articles were published in City...

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Scholars Across Asia Discuss Neighborhood Culture

The Georgetown Global Cities Initiative in partnership with Ateneo de Manila University hosted a research symposium to explore the culture of informal...

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A Different Kind of Density: Lessons From Asian Megacities

Prof. Sand reflects on how the pandemic makes clear that a healthy, prosperous future depends on urban densities that enable strong social...

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The Culture of Informal Neighborhoods in Asia

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