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Thomas Tiberghien Alvarez

With a background encompassing mechanical engineering and applied mathematics, my global experiences living in cities ranging from Medellín to New York have ignited a profound interest in urban systems. This journey has fostered a systematic approach to comprehending intricate structures and discerning underlying patterns. Currently pursuing a master's degree in international development policy, my objective is to apply my technical expertise to facilitate development in Latin America, the world's most urbanized region.


As a native of Colombia, I recognize the pivotal role cities play in the transformation of countries and their citizens. I aim to employ my interdisciplinary skill set to drive tangible improvements in urban areas.


Within GGCI, I intend to deepen my grasp of urbanization and utilize this knowledge to initiate impactful change in developing nations. Engaging in research, fostering connections with fellow scholars, and participating in cross-disciplinary events are integral components of my strategy to realize urban development objectives in Colombia and Latin America.

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