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Spencer Duncan

I am interested in urban and environmental policy, particularly in how the built environments that we create can reduce and mitigate global warming, improve biodiversity, and lead to a more just and sustainable way of life for all people. Despite growing up in a relatively rural environment, I had early exposure to large cities, several of which have a global influence. London, Los Angeles, Edmonton, Glasgow, Lyon, Bordeaux, Geneva, Jerusalem, and Philadelphia have all particularly shaped my world view and embedded in me a fascination for how people interact with each other and how the fabric of cities can influence those relationships. As a graduate student I have sought opportunities to help me better understand these urban affairs and the role of good governance, reliable services, and sustainable infrastructure. Despite the hyper-local nature of cities, globalization has made international cooperation essential to the spread of good ideas and practices with global applications. Cities are drivers of innovation. In a world of changing climates and human crises, a healthy balance of cooperation and competition is increasingly important for progress. Cities need experts from every field who can effectively and respectfully engage with communities to make sure this progress is possible. The Georgetown Global Cities Initiative creates an important foundation for these future experts and leaders. I hope to more closely engage in the process of discovering and creating solutions together as a student scholar.

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