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Langston Swafford

I am a New Orleans, LA native and M.S. Environment and Sustainability Management student in the McDonough School of Business. Since childhood, I have been fascinated with the histories, architectures, and cultures of cities, understanding them to be societal epicenters important to the dissemination of information for advancement of modern society. I believe that my participation in the program would aid in broadening my knowledge of cities and designated urban areas while also giving me an opportunity to do critical thinking on how urban areas can both progress into modern and sustainable existences while maintaining themselves as spaces of equitable economic progression. I also believe that my perspective on the role of cities as anchors for marginalized peoples would very much contribute to the discourse to be had. After graduation, I hope to work in sustainable urban development or sustainability consulting with the goal of one day helping the city of New Orleans reach new levels of prosperity environmentally and economically.

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