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Jaibin Mathew

I am a senior in the School of Foreign Service studying Science, Technology, and International Affairs and minoring in Chinese. 


Growing up in a car-centric suburb of Texas, I didn’t understand how my built environment shaped my life. Not only through where I lived or how I got places, but also in how I felt both mentally and physically. During my time at Georgetown, I realized my favorite part of learning about the world was hearing about the innovative ways cities were constructing their spaces. I've learned how a global perspective can help make change at a local level. I want to use this framework to improve urban planning in the United States. Looking abroad and learning from others can help us change the flaws in our approaches. 


I’ve been tailoring my interests in the environment to tackle issues of sustainable urban development. Classes such as Water, GIS, and Policy for Clean Air have all helped me understand the background of these issues and how to apply my knowledge to create science-based solutions. I want to apply what I’ve learned in these classes to incorporate climate resiliency into urban planning work. I hope to look at the places I live to see if there’s a way I can make people’s lives a little better. I want to pursue sustainable urban planning full time, and meeting peers and scholars who care about the same issues as I do is integral. Being a Student Scholar with the Global Cities Initiative would be perfect as I turn my interest into a career. I want to look internationally in order to help solve pavement level issues, and I look forward to being active in the Global Cities Initiative community.

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