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Daniela Gonzalez

I am an Architect and Urban Planner candidate with an interest in the development of more resilient and equitable cities, especially in Latin America which is the region where I grew up. I am particularly interested in projects that make the city more accessible, especially for children, women, and vulnerable populations.


In my professional experience as an architect, I have contributed to projects related to education such as a rural campus for a public university in the northeast of Colombia and research on public schools in Bogota. This has led me to an interest in educational planning. In my home country Colombia, there is little thought on school planning regarding the location and ease of access to schools. I am interested in studying how schools can become more accessible, and how sustainable modes of transportation such as biking and walking can be cost-effective and feasible solutions to improve school accessibility and attendance. I am eager to explore how these modes of transportation can be integrated into educational planning strategies to create a more inclusive and accessible learning environment for students across Colombia.

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