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scholars kickoff meeting

2021-22 GGCI Student Scholars Announced

We are excited to present the 2021-22 cohort of GGCI Student Scholars composed of 11 students representing 8 different departments at five different schools. The group includes undergraduate, masters-level and doctorate-level students who are each bringing a designated urban research project to the program.  Over the course of the academic year, GGCI Student Scholars will participate in capacity-building activities to advance their projects, build peer-to-peer networks across disciplines, and engage in critical dialogue with faculty and special guests. 


The 2021-22 GGCI Student Scholars include:

Elena Bagnera is pursuing a Masters of Public Policy at the McCourt School and exploring metropolitan governance, fiscal decentralization, and green energy finance. 


Maria de Lourdes Despradel Aquino is pursuing a Masters of Arts in Latin American Studies at SFS and exploring a comparative analysis of how urban regeneration projects are assessed in Medellin and Guayaquil. 


Colleen Dougherty is a student in the Master of Arts in German and European Studies at SFS studying post-industrial cities and the sharing of successful economic practices across the transatlantic space.


Jacob Foster is a first-year student in the Urban and Regional Planning program at the School of Continuing Studies and is exploring human rights in cities. He will be studying the city of Neom in Saudia Arabia. 


Josephine Kim is a masters program in Global, International, and Comparative History at the Graduate School of Arts & Sciences. She is exploring community-based solutions rooted in the global history of urban development that might allow diverse communities to live harmoniously in and with their environment. 


Insha Momin is an undergraduate student at SFS majoring in Science, Technology, and International Affairs, and Computer Science, and will be focusing on D.C. Affordable Housing and Transportation Equity Analysis.


Gustavo Niño Furnieles is a Master of Policy Management candidate at McCourt School and hopes to contribute to make Latin American cities more inclusive with migrants. He will be focusing on Bogota’s challenges and opportunities with regards to Venezuelan migration. 


Bryan Ricciardi is a graduate student in the Latin American Studies program at the Walsh School of Foreign Service. He is exploring the equity implications of urban regeneration projects in Medellin and Guayaquil.


Ben Roberts is pursuing a Masters of Science in Global Health and he is interested in urban health, and the impacts of Covid-19 on the community.


Aimee Saginaw is a masters student in the Urban and Regional Planning Program at the School of Continuing Studies and is exploring how cities promote community and wellbeing while minimizing sickness and isolation through measures in the built environment.


Henry Watson is a PhD student in the Department of Government examining the politics of housing policy in the United States. His research question is: How have policy feedback, diffusion, and internal political determinants shaped the orientation of the modern United States housing policy landscape towards low-income families?

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