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The Sociology of Housing

This invitation-only forum explores emerging research in the sociology of housing in the United States.  The content of this forum is subject of an upcoming publication co-edited by Prof. Brian McCabe (Sociology) and Prof. Eva Rosen (McCourt).


Panel 1: Housing Instability


Squatting for Survival or Homesteading for Fun? Understanding the Significance of Variation in Informal Housing Practices in the U.S.

Claire Herbert, University of Oregon


Eviction Dynamics in Los Angeles Neighborhoods

Michael Lens, University of California Los Angeles


Precarious Housing Fixes: The Limits and Shortcomings of Homeless Housing Programs in San Francisco Christopher Herring, University of California Berkeley


Economic Exchange and Relational Work within Doubled-up Households

Hope Harvey, Cornell University


Private Poverty Housing: Mobile home parks and the financialization of affordable housing

Esther Sullivan, University of Colorado Denver


Moderator: Matthew Desmond, Princeton University



Panel 2: Discrimination and the Search for Housing


The New ‘Man in the House’ Rules: How the Regulation of Housing Vouchers turns Personal Bonds into Eviction Liabilities

Rahim Kurwa, University of Illinois Chicago


Multidimensional Discrimination in the Online Rental Housing Market: Implications for Families with Young Children

Jacob Faber, New York University


Discrimination without Discriminants: Racial Logics in Tenant Screening

Eva Rosen, Georgetown University; and Philip Garboden, University of Hawaii


Ready to Rent: Housing Authorities and the Creation of Market-Ready Citizens

Brian McCabe, Georgetown University


Patterns and mechanisms of neighborhood access among housing-choice voucher recipients

Kyle Crowder, University of Washington


Moderator: Maria Krysan, University of Illinois, Chicago



Panel 3: Housing Markets and Inequality


Filtering Out Cabrini: Affordable Housing and the Racial Politics of Place

John Robinson, Washington University in St. Louis


Houses Are Everything: Value Fluidity and the Case of the Housing Market

Elizabeth Korver-Glenn, University of New Mexico


The Effect of Homicide on Local Rent

Max Besbris, Rice University


Damned if you do and damned if you don’t: building inspections and housing inequality

Robin Bartram, Tulane University


Real Estate Practices and Neighborhood Vulnerability: Why It’s Difficult For High Poverty Communities to Stabilize

Christine Jang-Trettien, Johns Hopkins University; and Stefanie DeLuca, Johns Hopkins University


Moderator: Kathryn Edin, Princeton University



Panel 4: Housing Policy and the Law


Poverty in the Cul de Sac: Housing, Neighborhoods, Design, & Opportunity in the Suburbs

Alex Murphy, University of Michigan


The Place-Based Turn in Federal Policymaking, 1990-2015

Laura Tach, Cornell University


The Impact of Inclusionary Zoning Policies on Community Health and the Pursuit of Racial Justice in the Nation’s Housing Markets

Gregory Squires, The George Washington University


Building Inequality: Housing Segregation and Residential Segregation

Ann Owens, University of Southern California


Housing Integration in the 21st Century: Four Misconceptions, Five Reconceptions

Monica Bell, Yale University


Moderator: Douglass Massey, Princeton University


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