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2024 Sixth Annual Student Research Summit


The Georgetown Global Cities Initiative (GGCI) is an academic community dedicated to creating and sharing inter-disciplinary knowledge of cities, their communities, places and the opportunities associated with unprecedented global urbanization. In 2024, we will celebrate our sixth annual Student Research Summit, a GGCI flagship event where students from across Georgetown University come together to share and celebrate urban research. A committee of experts will select the presentations for the Summit that will happen in February 2024. In the past, Georgetown students have presented on interdisciplinary themes, such as transportation, urban economics, cities and public health, social equity, affordable housing, urban governance, rural-urban migration, and urban cultural landscapes.

2024 Sixth GGCI Student Research Summit Agenda


Welcome and Introductions 

Prof. Uwe Brandes, Faculty Director GGCI


Panel 1: Migration and Its Impact

Exploring the Climate-Migration-Health Nexus in the Sahel Region Cities
- Shreyaa Venkat (Undergraduate, Global Health, School of Nursing & Health Studies ‘24)
The Domestic and International Economic Impact of Urban Migration Integration in the US African Diaspora
- Edidiong Obot (Master in Policy Management, McCourt School of Public Policy ‘24)

Panel 2: Urban Climate Resilience

Sustainability on a Smaller Scale: The Evolution of Climate Change Policies in Palmas, Brazil

- Georgina Wilson (Undergraduate, Global Business, School of Foreign Service ‘24)

Do Neighborhood Property Values Change Following Voluntary Flood Buyouts?
- Diana Schoder (Master in Public Policy, McCourt School of Public Policy ‘24)


Panel 3: Public Transit and Accessibility

Financing Public Transit in the Post-Covid World
- Leen van Besien (Law, Georgetown Law School ‘24)
The Path to Empowerment: Investigating the Connections Between Public Transit an Women's Labor Force Participation
- Neha Shrestha (Undergraduate, Georgetown University in Qatar, International Economics Major ‘24)


Panel 4: Social Justice through Mobility and Place

Addressing Environmental Injustice In South Dallas With Bus Rapid Transit

- Jaibin Mathew (Undergraduate, Science, Technology, and International Affairs, School of Foreign Service ‘23)
Imagining Site Liberation for MLK and Marion Barry Ave and Beyond
- Priscilla Forde (Master’s in Urban and Regional Planning Program, School of Continuing Studies ‘25)


Panel 5: Understanding Cities through Data

K Street Bike Lanes Difference in Difference Analysis
- Josiah Blackwell-Lipkind (Master’s in Urban and Regional Planning Program, School of Continuing Studies ‘24)
Downtowns of U.S. Cities Grow while Cities Overall Decline
- Jess Eliot Myhre (Master’s in Urban and Regional Planning Program, School of Continuing Studies ‘24)


Concluding Remarks

- Prof. Uwe Brandes, Faculty Director GGCI


Faculty Respondents to Student Presentations 

Uwe Brandes, Faculty Director and Professor of the Practice of Master's in Urban and Regional Planning Program and Faculty Director of Georgetown Global Cities Intiative

Laurie King, Teaching Professor of Department of Anthropology

Carla Shedd, Associate Professor of Sociology 

Jamie Kralovec, Associate Director for Mission Integration, School of Continuing Studies

Kenneth Joh, Adjunct Lecturer of Master's in Urban and Regional Planning

Robin King, Adjunct Professor of Landegger Program in International Business Diplomacy (IBD) and Director of Knowledge Capture and Collaboration at WRI Ross Center


If you would like to tune in virtually, please join us on Zoom via the link:

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