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Science Based Targets for Faith

A research partnership between the World Resources Institute Faith & Sustainability Initiative and the Georgetown University Global Cities Initiative.

Project Overview

Faith-based organizations (“FBO”) of all faiths have awareness, guidance, and capacity to advance science-based targets (“SBT”) to measure and manage the energy performance of their real assets.  FBOs are uniquely positioned to advance climate change mitigation by inspiring action by local communities around the world.  


The World Resources Institute (“WRI”) and Georgetown University (“Georgetown”) have formed a partnership to develop the Science Based Targets for Faith project (“SBTF”).  The Project is built on WRI’s leadership in establishing global greenhouse gas protocols (“GHGP”) and science-based targets (“SBT”), and Georgetown’s mission to advance serious and sustained discourse among people of different faiths, cultures, and beliefs.



A world where faith based organizations are prominent climate leaders and operate their assets in a climate positive manner. 



Advance a global standard for FBOs to measure, manage, and report their greenhouse gas emissions in alignment with the Paris Climate Agreement. 


Project Goals

The project is organized around three areas of engagement: 


1. Advance Measurement - The Project delivers a global standard for FBO data collection methodology and tools which enable FBOs to measure and report GHG emissions associated with their assets. SBTF starts with a focus on Scope 1 and 2 emissions with the potential to extend to Scope 3 emissions in the future.


2. Provide Guidance - The Project delivers knowledge and analysis which strengthen the capacity of FBOs to set their own science-based targets and advance best management practices to meet targets.


3. Facilitate Education - The Project delivers education and training to support the growth of internal and external capacity to achieve FBO targets and promote a global community of practitioners advancing best asset management practices within the FBO sector.

SBTF Global Colloquium Summary

The World Resources Institute and Georgetown University convene global dialogue on Science Based Targets for Faith.

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